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A white woman with headphones over her ear stares into the distance. She appears to be looking out the window of a train. The text reads Mildly Different in a white hand drawn font. The background is a visual mixture of watercolour paints in baby blue, dark yellow and hints of green, with black ink lines creating the shapes of train seats behind her.

Film Premiere: Mildly Different by Anna Czarska

17 Nov 2021, 11:15 am (Past)

The Stella Rathmines

Mildly Different is a new short film made by, starring, & about autistic individuals.

Written and directed by Anna Czarska and starring IFTA nominated Irish actress Jordanne Jones alongside Ruby Connolly and Lara McIvor, this live action narrative from Sticky Tape Productions will premiere with screenings at The Stella Rathmines on Wednesday 17th November. The film features an award-winning script, an original score by the talented Natasa Paulberg, as well as music from Irish chart topping singer-songwriter, Orla Gartland.

Mildly Different follows a young woman on the autism spectrum from childhood to adulthood, immersing the audience in her inner world. Christina struggles to feel accepted, hindering her ability to progress forward, until the kindness of one person changes her life and restores her confidence.

The director Anna Czarska , who is autistic, wanted to give the audience a glimpse into what autism looks and feels like, particularly for women, as autistic individuals born as females often differ from males. Anna herself found most information on autism outdated and male-focused, and hopes that the film will bring in understanding, acknowledgement, and hopefully more support for autistic women.

Anna says: “As an autistic woman who lived most of my life without  knowing why I was so different, I wanted to bring a voice to other women who experienced the  same.  While autism as a whole is misunderstood by many, autism in women has been entirely ignored. I  want to not only bring more awareness and acceptance for autism but also to give neurodiverse women a way to express  their experiences to neurotypicals. I believe this film will create an outlet for those who have trouble expressing how they differ.”


Wednesday 17th November at 11:15am & 12:20pm

Tickets: €10.00 + €1.53 Fee & Tax

Booking link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mildly-different-premiere-at-the-stella-rathmines-tickets-191585747127


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