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Speech to Text

Speech to text facilitates communication between deaf and hard of hearing people and hearing people.

It is a process of verbatim computer-aided transcription for deaf people. The text is displayed either on the screen of a laptop for a sole user, or projected onto a large screen or a series of screens for a larger number of users.

Suitable for talks, meetings and conferences.

Caption Please

Lisa Farrelly, Abbey Theatre speaking at Outside In Conference with live speech to text


Speech 2 Text at Creative Connections Conference Galway 2016. Photo: REG GORDON

Live speech to text at Creative Connections conference in Galway 2016.

Photo credit Reg Gordon

Speech 2 Text at Club Tropicana After-Party for Creative Connections Conference Galway 2016 Photo: REG GORDON

Live Speech to Text at Club Tropicana for Creative Connections after party and showcase Galway 2016

Photo credit Reg Gordon

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