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Visual Art: Nickie Hayden’s Settling the Past at the LAB Gallery, Dublin

18 Jan 2018, 12:00 am (Past)

The LAB Gallery, 1 Foley Street, Dublin 1.

Visual artist Nickie Hayden is seeking stories to include in her new exhibition, Settling the Past, which opens in the LAB Gallery on Thursday, 18th January.

She says:

“I’ll be having an exhibition on the 18th of January in The Lab. The exhibition is about the three main issues that have affected my life; bereavement, abuse and literacy. However, as the project has evolved literacy has become the most prominent thread.

I have already collected some stories from adult dyslexics and educators and I am very interested in collecting more stories from more perspectives to display on a piece of sculpture that I have made; a story wheel. This is where you come in. I’m asking you to send me a piece of writing for my show if you are interested.

The stories can relate to your own experiences, in school perhaps or things that you’ve witnessed happening to other people. What I’ve found very interesting so far is that even though some of the stories are sad, there seems to be an uplifting ending to the majority of them. Other people have chosen to write poetry and some have written creative essays not specifically relating to the topic of literacy so really one can write whatever you feel moved to write. I think of it as an opportunity to have a voice which one may or may not have had before. You can choose to remain anonymous so if you send me work with no name on the bottom then that’s how it will be displayed on the story wheel but if you send me work with a name then it will be shown on the story wheel like that.

In addition to the story wheel, I will be making a hope wheel. I would love if you could send a separate little piece of writing for this. This is just a line or two consisting of any hope or hopes you have for the future.”

Submissions should be emailed to by January 10th.

Nickie Hayden, a Dublin based visual artist has undertaken mentoring by Director of Mermaid Arts Centre Niamh O’Donnell. With support from Niamh, Nickie has begun to expand her practice to work collaboratively with people who have invisible disabilities through the Dyslexia Association of Ireland.

Nickie’s mentoring was facilitated by an Arts and Disability Connect award in 2017. The ADC scheme is funded by the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon and managed by Arts & Disability Ireland. It offers artists the opportunity to connect with other practitioners or venues, make a change in their practice, ‘step up’ in terms of scope and scale, reach new audiences and to engage in mentoring and training.

Settling the Past, 2017.

Settling the Past, 2017.

Etched Beads, patinated copper, 2017.

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