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Relaxed Performance

  • Relaxed Performance

‘Relaxed performances offer a warm welcome to people who find it difficult to follow the usual conventions of theatre behaviour.’
Jess Thom, Co-founder of Touretteshero.

These performances are useful for people who are neurodiverse, people with autism, people with sensory and communication impairments, people intellectual disabilities and anyone who prefers a more inclusive performance experience.

Typical things that are considered for a relaxed performance
The venue will make sure that all audience members understand that this is a relaxed performance. They will send out pre-show information describing the venue and what to expect at the performance. The venue staff and cast will be briefed on the relaxed performance. Before the performance starts it will be made clear that audiences who need to move or make noise are free to do so and that audiences can leave and come back to the performance space at any time. The lighting and sound levels might be adjusted. A quiet space, where people can go if they need to, will be provided at the venue.

This description has been adapted from post on the Touretteshero website called Relaxed Performances – The FAQs.

For more information about Relaxed Performances, contact Arts & Disability Ireland on or 01 8509002.

Bees A Musical by Willfredd Theatre

Bees! A Musical by WillFredd Theatre Company presented an Autism Friendly Performance at the Ark in 2016

There’s so much amazing theater. I don’t want anyone to miss out because of preconceptions about who it’s for, or how it should be enjoyed.