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A multicoloured drawing of buildings, featuring multiple grid lines to create a town hall like building with steps, large windows and doors in bright blues, yellows, lilacs, and reds.

Workshop: People, Portraits, Places with Yvonne Condon and Rosaleen Moore at the Midleton Arts Festival

25 May 2024, 11:30 am (Past)

My Place Community Centre, Mill Road, Townparks, Midleton, Cork

Meet artists Yvonne Condon and Rosaleen Moore, and create a portrait drawing or draw your favourite place.

All ages are welcome for this free, drop-in event.

Yvonne Condon is a dynamic artist from Midleton, she creates bold, uncompromising images, working at great speed.

Yvonne’s drawing style is determinedly graphic. She paints with acrylic on inexpensive card, using thick black outlines, mixing colour directly on the surface rather than a palette. Her method of production is singular and intense; she may produce a painting in a matter of just 10 minutes. Yvonne works directly from observation, often working with sitters or using imagery from books, magazines and photographs. Yvonne was a recipient of an Arts and Disability Connect New Work Award, most recently creating her newest mural on Cork’s Cornmarket Street with the support of Cork City Council and Crawford Art Gallery.

Rosaleen Moore paints places that she passes every day, and places that she imagines visiting in the future. Her playful, patterned images depict familiar as well as far-flung places. Streets may float and buildings may sometimes be turned inside out, but we are always safely grounded by familiar details.

Rosaleen was an International Women’s Day 2021 Ambassador for Munster Technological University’s Empowering Women initiative. Rosaleen has also worked as a collaborative workshop leader, most recently with young people in Scoil Bernadette in Cork, as part of the Creative Schools Programme led by Creative Ireland. Rosaleen frequently and generously collaborates with the Crawford Art Gallery’s Learn & Explore programme to present collaborative workshops and visits for diverse groups. She was a long-term member of Glasheen Supported Studio Programme (GASP).

Banner image by Rosaleen Moore, thumbnail by Yvonne Condon, courtesy of Crawford Arts Studios.


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