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Water Senses, Ruth Le Gear

Visual Art: Water Senses by Ruth Le Gear at Leitrim Sculpture Centre

10 - 25 Mar 2017 (Past)

Leitrim Sculpture Centre

Le Gear has beautifully archived the endeavour of listening to the mystical, mythical and metaphysical forces that act upon and interact with water on Earth.

Opens: Friday 10th March, 5-8pm
Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton.
Continues until Saturday, 25th March 2017

Water Senses has emerged from the outcomes of research, collaboration and fieldwork based around water and its memories held within Glenade Lough, Leitrim.

Making a set of seven water remedies from the waters of the Lough, Le Gear has created these panaceas from rarities such as the essence of the last brown bears in Ireland and the story of the Dobhar-chú.

Water is altered by everything that has passed through it, in its chemical as well as alchemical nature and in its capacity to influence us. These forms and emotions, which have passed through the water, are also held within it. Implicit in Le Gear’s work is the idea that water is an element deserving of much greater consideration than is currently given by mankind.

The water and ice remedies that she has created are for the water bodies themselves initially and then in turn for people, promoting healing in both. The water remedies are a way of drawing out the layers of embodied energy that are held within the water itself, each remedy interacting with the energy of the human body in a unique and positive manner.

Water Senses is a boxed publication which contains a unique water remedy, booklet, series of postcards and a map. First edition print of 100. You can order a copy of Water Senses through Ruth Le Gear’s Website

Ruth will be holding water remedy sessions in the gallery on Monday the 13th and 20th March.
The water remedy sessions will work with the Glenade water remedies and the Arctic water remedies.
To book a session please email info@celestialaquatics.com
All remedy sessions are confidential and there is no charge.

Water Senses Opens: Friday 10th March, 5-8pm
Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton.
Refreshments served at 5pm, Everybody welcome
Continues until Saturday, 25th March 2017

Water Senses is supported by the Arts Council’s Arts and Disability Connect Scheme managed by Arts & Disability Ireland. Also kindly supported by Leitrim Sculpture Centre, The Model, Sligo and Leitrim County Council.

More dates for Water Senses:
Launches 7th April at Artlink 87 Princes Avenue, Hull, UK.
Exhibition runs from 8th April – Saturday 13th May.

Hambly & Hambly will host the Northern Irish book launch of Ruth Le Gear’s new art book, Water Senses.
Hambly & Hambly, Dunbar House, Magheradunbar, Enniskillen.
Thursday 27 April, 7.00pm

Ruth Le Gear, Water Senses.

Glenade Lough has many stories that are layered upon it and are held within the valley, which is known as the Jealous valley in North Leitrim. Myth is power of the place speaking.


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