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Visual Art: The Uncertainty of History: Remembering Eileen Quinn and Islannaltenage in Galway Arts Centre (audio described tour)

19 Feb 2020, 11:00 am (Past)

Galway Arts Centre

This is a free audio described tour of our two current exhibitions ‘The Uncertainty of History: Remembering Eileen Quinn’ and ‘Islannaltenage’

To book your place email bookings@galwayartscentre.ie

The Uncertainty of History: Remembering Eileen Quinn

A solo exhibition by Bernadette Burns

Bernadette Burns’ multimedia art practice focuses on memory and change, on how there are many strands and versions of a story rather than a single factual truth. The paintings, sculpture, audio and artist’s books in this exhibition grew from a diary entry by her grandmother Tessie Burns referring to the shooting of Eileen, her younger sister:

“Ist November 1920 (Monday)

My sister, Eileen Quinn was shot at Corker by the Black and Tans at 3pm, she died at 10pm. She was 25 years old.”

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon of 1st. November 1920, Eileen was standing at her front garden gate holding her infant daughter Tessie, and was with her two young children Alfie and Eva. She was seven months pregnant. Two trucks drove along with ‘Auxiliaries’ in them. Someone from the first truck shot Eileen and they continued driving. She was brought into her home, and survived to tell the story to a few visitors. It took a long time for the doctor and priest to get there, and she slowly bled to death, dying after 10 that night.

This exhibition explores family memory as a valid addition to the canon of history.

Bernadette is a painter who works with drawing, photography, sculpture, video and book making. She has exhibited in Ireland, Spain and Greece.



The culmination of a process-based project, Islannaltenage explores the material trace of Nuns Island’s industrial heritage amidst the plans for its regeneration. Through experimental processes and found materials, the group have articulated notions of placemaking and belonging, and how built and natural environments coexist within this urban space.

Red Bird Youth Collective is a visual art group for young people (aged 15 – 24) living in Galway city and county. They deliver large-scale youth-led projects in collaboration with professional artists.


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