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This is a composite image of two photographs. The top photograph shows part of a Ryan Air airplane at sunset or sun rise. A glowing sun shows behind the plan casting it in shadow and streaming light through it's windows. People are boarding the plan from steps. The photo below is a birds eye view of green painted concrete. On the left hand side we see a female figure with long blonde hair and wearing a blue polka dote dress.

Visual Art: Lane Shipsey’s HOMING at Cultúrlann

1 Jun - 27 Jul 2023 (Past)

Cultúrlann, Belfast

Does the word HOMING (a) mean to make a home (verb) or (b) describe a missile locked on to a target (adj.) — in which case it could be a way to destroy or unmake a home?

The photographs in Lane Shipsey’s first solo show HOMING seek answers to these questions, taking an idiosyncratic, personal, and occasionally humorous look at home, homing and ways we think about home. These photographs, made on a journey, offer the viewer a journey. Along the way, more questions… What do we mean when we say we feel at home? And what do we feel when the place we live in could easily be someplace else? Is the answer all in the eye of the beholder? Come see the show, and write a line in the HOMING notebook with your answers.

Lane Shipsey worked on HOMING during a period when health issues put the day job off limits. The artist would like to thank the Arts Council  and Arts & Disability Ireland for their support through the Arts and Disability Connect scheme Mentoring award (2022), the Scottish artist and musician Bill Drummond who approved an NI-based residency, Cill Rialaig for a week in Kerry and the people met along the way who helped by their kindness, willingness to be photographed, or through sharing their stories.

To find out more about this exhibition please click here.

Opening Thursday 1st June at 7pm

Closing 27th July

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