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Entropy by Katie Moore at Linenhall Arts Centre

Visual Art: Entropy by Katie Moore at Linenhall Arts Centre

4 May - 2 Jun 2018 (Past)

Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Co Mayo

Visual artist Katie Moore is creating a new installation Entropy which will be exhibited at the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar Friday 4th May – Saturday 2nd June.

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Entropy acknowledges a certain time in Ireland. Compelled by a conversation Katie had with historian Catherine Corless, she visited the site of the Mother and Baby Home in Tuam. She observed the weeds that now grow at the site, and from there started to look at flowers – the delicate blossoms of Gypsophila to be exact, a flower also known as Baby’s Breath. The resulting work Entropy is an installation made from Baby’s Breath.

Katie says, “I was intrigued by the name Baby’s Breath – ‘breath’ meaning life, being the opposite of death. I hope the installation of Gypsophila will create a presence of an absence in an abstract way.’Entropy’ is the natural decline from order to disorder. We all hope to come from a point of order in our lives: born into a family unit, loved, fed. We want to be surrounded by orderly systems such as education and societal connection. Nothing, then, can prepare us for those imposters which career our safe and secure lives toward entropy; falling in love, suffering loss, experiencing life-altering illness. My own work is inspired by my life experiences living with long-term illness.”

She continues, “I use various medium including textiles, drawing, video to create installations. My work is very conceptually driven. Each process and action within the process is very considered. The materials I use are relevant to each concept I am exploring at the time. Human conditions such as empathy, isolation, trauma, loss, memory are recurrent themes within my practice.”

A graduate of GMIT, Katie was Artist-in-Residence at the Jackie Clarke Collection, Ballina, creating the installation Paper Bloom and a limited edition publication. She created work for the On Sight 2016 sculpture trail at the National Museum of Ireland and for the 186th Annual RHA Exhibition.

Entropy is supported by the Arts Council’s Arts and Disability Connect scheme managed by Arts & Disability Ireland. Katie received a New Work award through the scheme in 2017.

Entropy will be on at Linenhall Arts Centre Castlebar, opening officially on
4th May at 7.30pm, and running until 2nd June. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Katie concludes, “I hope the installation will create an environment for the viewer to experience, that they will leave thinking about it.”

Two artists received New Work awards in 2017 through the Arts and Disability Connect scheme, Katie Moore and Áine Stapleton. Read more information on the funding scheme.

For further information about the exhibition and Katie Moore please see:
The Linenhall Arts Centre or https://www.katiemoorevisualartist.com/

Entropy, a new installation by visual artist Katie Moore at Linenhall Arts Centre. Mayo

I was intrigued by the name Baby’s Breath – 'breath' meaning life, being the opposite of death

Katie Moore, visual artist

Visual artist Katie Moore has created a new installation Entrophy which will be exhibited at Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar 4th May - 2nd June


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