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An image showing Margaret's hands busy sewing a piece of work

Visual Art: Engagement – The Courtship by KCAT

6 - 14 Aug 2016 (Past)

The Glasshouse Gallery, 15/16 John Street, Kilkenny

You are invited to Engagement: The Courtship (work in progress)
Saturday 6th August 2016, 3pm
Glasshouse Gallery, 15/16 John Street, Kilkenny
Exhibition continues until 14th August 2016 (12pm – 5.30pm daily)

Engagement is an ongoing project through which artists from the wider art community in Ireland and artists from KCAT Studio, Callan, have agreed to work together over a period of years, building up equitable relationships that take many forms, but all of them creative. Since the project is ongoing, those relationships are changing and developing and will continue to do so. To mark what seems like a half-way point we are exhibiting the first main phase of this engagement – the courtship period.

Like all courtships this one is about getting to know each other, about each artist becoming familiar with often different ways of working, even with different backgrounds and cultures. Like more traditional courtships too, it is about wanting to share, learn from each other, find whatever it takes to make the relationships work. This has led some of the artists to work in pairs and others to form less specific ways of interacting, curating each other’s work, corresponding across continents or from studio to studio or just visiting and talking.

At this stage of the process we are showing work by Margaret Walker, Anna Spearman, Declan Byrne, Alistair MacLennan, Mary Cody, Paul Mosse, Eileen Mulrooney, Mary Ann Gelly, Francis Casey, Saturio Alonso, Andrew Pike, Nevan Lahart and Mollie Douthit.

The next phase of Engagement will be presented in 2017.

Alastair's Hands from Engagement: Work in Progress - The Courtship by KCAT

Declan's Hands from The Engagement: Work in Progress - The Courtship by KCAT

Anna's Hands from The Engagement: Work in Progress - The Courtship by KCAT

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