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Visual Art: Drag & Draw life-drawing session

22 Jan 2020 (Past)

Street 66, 33-34 Parliament St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

  • ISL Interpreted

Drag & draw is back for another drawing session on Wednesday 22nd January from 7pm in Street 66 Dublin.

Half art class, half drag show, Drag & Draw is a life-drawing session with a drag queen model. The class is made up of various different drawing exercises, some of which incorporate lip-syncs and audience interaction.

This is an informal event, very suitable for life-drawing beginners (so you can ignore RuPaul’s advice, and feel free to mess it up!). It will also challenge experienced artists. A drag queen is not your typical life drawing model – think more sass! Expect alternative drawing exercises, drinkies, music, Q&A, performances and good vibes all around.

Taking the stage for the first time as a Drag & Draw model is Coco Chanel No. 5 and leading the class will be the mega talented Áine Macken!

Tickets are €12.50 each plus a booking fee. Booking required.

Irish Sign Language interpreters are available for this class. For more information, please email

Drag & Draw is organised and managed by Adrian Colwell.

Visual Art: Drag & Draw life-drawing session

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