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Visual Art: A Most Favourable Soil, A Curatorial Project by The Selvage Collective (audio described tour)

22 Jan 2020 (Past)

Butler Gallery, Kilkenny

Butler Gallery are delighted to host a live audio described, tailored tour for people with visual impairments to access the exhibition A Most Favourable Soil, A Curatorial Project by The Selvage Collective.

This exhibition reflects on the Butler Gallery’s move to Evans’ Home in 2020 and is the last exhibition of the Butler Gallery at Kilkenny Castle. The tour will be led by a trained description facilitator, Fala Buggy and Hollie Kearns, Learning and Public Engagement Curator as interpretation facilitator.

To make a booking please contact Hollie at 056 77611 or hollie@butlergallery.com

What is Audio Description?
Audio description offers detailed and vivid descriptions of artworks featured in this exhibition. Rather than interpreting or addressing the artwork’s history, audio description includes details of the artwork’s size, shape, colour, texture, detail, in order to assist visitors who are blind or partially-sighted to build a full picture of the work.

Do you provide any information about the artists or interpretive material to help me understand the work?
As well as the live audio description of the art work, our Learning and Public Engagement Curator will be at hand to provide background information to help you understand the context of the work.

I am blind or partially-sighted, how can I access Butler Gallery?
For details of how to reach Butler Gallery, pre-visit information, including information about location, parking, way-finding to the Gallery is available here:

Can you provide assistance to navigate through the Gallery?
Yes. Should you require assistance during your visit to Butler Gallery, please contact Hollie or Pauline at 056 7761106 or pauline@butlergallery.com.

Can I bring my service dog?
Yes. Service and guide dogs are welcome at Butler Gallery.

Is Butler Gallery accessible for people using mobility aids or wheelchairs?
Unfortunately, Butler Gallery is currently located in the basement of Kilkenny Castle and there is no step-free access to the Gallery.


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