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Theatre: Why Won’t You Have Sex With Me at Dublin Fringe Festival (Lunchtime Shows)

9 - 11 Sep 2017 (Past)

Project Arts Centre (Cube)

Dating is a battlefield for us all but Why Won’t You Have Sex With Me? explores the challenges and attitudes that disabled people encounter along the way. It will make you laugh, make you cry and maybe you’ll get the ride.

A colourful exploration of sex and disability. Written by wheelchair user, disability activist and journalist Louise Bruton, this show is a response to those who think that disabled people aren’t getting any. She turns the table on non-disabled people as she tries to figure out why they think disabled people are sexless beings.

September 8th at 20:45, Tickets €11

Main Dates
September 9th -11th at 13:15, Tickets €15/ €13 concession.

Duration 45 mins
Venue: Project Arts Centre (Cube)


Dublin Fringe Festival
Louise Bruton
Project Arts Centre
sex and disability
Why Won't You Have Sex With Me?