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Theatre: Sure Look It, Fuck It, Irish Sign Language interpreted performance in Project Arts Centre

23 Mar 2019 (Past)

Space Upstairs @ Project Arts Centre

Sure Look It, Fuck It is a magical spoken-word odyssey through the streets of Dublin about Missy, a returned emigrant back in town after years of trying to ‘make it’ in New York.

As she returns to an Ireland of zero-hour contracts, pricey pints and living with parents until middle age, Missy grapples with job interviews, inward blues and dancing fools… and figures out what it is she really believes in.

A work-in-progress outing of Sure Look It Fuck It, written and performed by one of the hottest rising stars of Irish stage and screen Clare Dunne, played at THISISPOPBABY’s Where We Live Festival in March 2018 to sold-out houses and rave audience response.

Now brought to full production at Project Arts Centre by a stellar team of top Irish theatre makers, Sure Look It, Fuck It weaves epic comedy, athletic spoken word and dreamy live music to deliver a deeply moving tale about discovering what home really means.

Sure Look It, Fuck It is supported by Dublin City Council and Irish Theatre Institute, and presented by THISISPOPBABY with Project Arts Centre.

Irish Sign Language Interpreted performance: Saturday 23rd March, 7.30pm

Seats with ideal visibility of the Irish Sign Language interpreter are reserved for audience members availing of this service so please inform Box Office when booking for the Irish Sign Language interpreted performance. You can do this by adding a comment to your order when booking online, alternatively you can contact our box office team directly at box-office@projectartscentre.ie or by phone on 01 8819 613.

Tickets: €18-20

Clare Dunne in THISISPOPBABY's Sure Look It, Fuck It.

Sometimes you’ve to go away to come back again, You’ve to fuck up a lot to get that proper kick of Zen
I’m afraid to admit I’m tired of roaming
But it feels a weird kinda good to be home and, Maybe I can rise above it….?
If not… Sure Look it, Fuck it.


Amanda Coogan
Clare Dunne
Fuck It
Irish Sign Language Interpreted Performance
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