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Close up view on old rusty clock with roman numerals and face at angle for concept about time and age

Theatre: NoRopes’ Flash Theatre at Galway Theatre Festival

23 Apr 2017 (Past)

Bank of Ireland Theatre, Galway City

After a two year hiatus, this fast-paced, adrenaline-packed 24 hour theatre event is back!

NoRopes Theatre Company returns to Galway Theatre Festival with Flash Theatre – a 24 hour theatre event to showcase 4 ten-to-twenty minute pieces that have been written, rehearsed and staged in 24 hours.

Four directors, four playwrights and sixteen actors were selected and divided into four groups.

Participants will meet for the first time the night before the show. The clock starts ticking when the playwrights’ fingers hit their keyboards and ends with a final bow 24 hours later.

Tickets: €14/12. Tickets can be bought online at or at the door.

For further information please call 087 6368 010.

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