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Theatre: MOOP at Smock Alley Theatre (relaxed performance)

15 Sep 2019 (Past)

Smock Alley Theatre - Black Box

Dublin Fringe Festival & Collapsing Horse present MOOP by Game Theory

YOUNG RADICALS: Fringe for Young Audiences

We take fun very, very seriously. MOOP is Matter Out Of Place: it’s rubbish, trash… stuff from Somewhere Else. Five silent characters find increasingly hilarious and beautiful ways of playing with the strange (to them anyway) stuff that keeps appearing in their world. A physical theatre performance about curiosity, play and getting un-bored, this is a show for anyone who’s ever found more than one use for a stick. Let the games begin!

Ages 5+
and anyone that takes fun seriously

Developed with support from Pavilion Theatre, Mermaid Arts Centre and ALSA Productions, and co-funded by dlr County Council.

Supported by THISISPOPBABY’s POPbase Scheme for artists presenting work at Dublin Fringe Festival. www.thisispopbaby.com.


Dublin Fringe Festival
Relaxed Performance
Smock Alley Theatre