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A large wooden structure on a hill, made up of one large, long trunk of wood, helf in place by four smaller rods held by six people at its base.

Theatre: First Light at Carlow Arts Festival

7 - 9 Jun 2024, 9:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Past)

Carlow Town Hall, Centaur Street, Carlow

First Light is an immersive spectacle – part street theatre, part adventure, part circus show – specially created with and for the people of Carlow.

In an alternate universe, in the town of Wolrac, the townsfolk are ready for Capacity connection, for the coming of the First Light. But the powers that be have other ideas.

In the 1950’s, Ireland embarked on the largest social enterprise in our history – Rural Electrification. This is not that story.

Well, not really . . .

As Ireland faces the challenge of grid decarbonisation, Asylum Productions explores how we’ve done it all before.

Bringing their unique brand of collaborative theatre to create this lo-fi, electrifying journey to another dimension – all unplugged and powered by the people of Carlow and other renewable sources.

The show happens both indoors and outdoors – dress for Irish weather. The route is approximately half a km long, is wheelchair accessible, and starts outside Carlow Town Hall, Haymarket. If you would like to receive a social story in advance of the performance please visit carlowartsfestival.ie.

Age recommendation 8+. This show is a culmination of Imagination Generation Station, a community engagement project led by Asylum Productions for ASSEMBLY.

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