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Theatre: Dear Ireland online by the Abbey Theatre

28 Apr - 1 May 2020 (Past)


A national conversation led by Ireland’s artists
50 writers, 50 actors

What do we want to be to one another?
What do we want our society to look like?
What are we not paying enough attention to?
Where do we want to go next?

What should Ireland write on a postcard to itself?

In the theatre community, we physically come together to create and share our work. The social distancing in place at the moment stops us from doing this, but this will not stop us creating opportunities to hear and share Ireland’s artistic voice.

The Abbey Theatre has commissioned 50 writers from Ireland, with unique additional contributions from the USA, China and Italy, to each write a monologue, to be performed by 50 actors, and then streamed on their YouTube channel. Each writer nominated one actor to perform their piece, and the actors are self-taping their performances from social isolation.

Dear Ireland will premiere online over 4 days, with the monologues screened in four parts at 7.30pm from Tuesday 28 April to Friday 1 May on the Abbey’s  YouTube channel.

The 100 artists involved in Dear Ireland are listed here.

Links and details to follow in the week of screening.

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