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Puppet by Artist Writer Corina Duyn ME Reflection

Talk: Research and Practice: Reflections on Puppetry with Corina Duyn at Cork Puppetry Festival

3 Aug 2018 (Past)

Festival Club, St. Peter's Cork

Join Cork Puppetry Festival for their annual discussion of research and performance in the theatre of objects, puppets, and materials.

Artist, writer, and puppeteer Corina Duyn will introduce her puppet installation in St. Peter’s and discuss her work within the world of puppetry and disability.

For more information on Corina, visit her website here: http://www.corinaduyn.com/.
This event is supported by the UCC Theatre Department and the Irish Research Council.

Venue: Festival Club, St. Peter’s Cork, North Main Street,
Date: Friday August 3rd
Time: 11am
Cost: This event is free of charge

Wisdom puppet by Corina Duyn, 2015.

Nature became my biggest teacher, and made its presence known in my art and writing.

Corina Duyn

Birth Dance puppet-sculpture by Corina Duyn


Corina Duyn
Cork Puppetry Festival