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An image of Tadhg with dark hair stood at a monitor with two screens behind them, slightly out of focus and in blue light.

Sound Installation: Continue Reading by Tadhg Kinsella at the Complex

2 - 4 May 2024 (Past)

The Complex Gallery & Studios
21-25 Arran St East, Smithfield, Dublin 7

A journey through sound, movement, and technology – exploring disability and queer identity.

Continue Reading by Tadhg Kinsella is a sound exhibition exploring disability and queer identity through sonic discovery and experimentation. The exhibition and associated events will run from 2 to 4 May 2024 at The Complex Dublin.

This is the first solo sound exhibition by Tadhg, an internationally-recognised, award-winning live electronics musician, composer and classically trained percussionist. Dyslexic and non-binary queer, Tadhg advocates for accessibility and inclusivity in their work, actively participating in the Irish arts and queer scene.

This project’s title is inspired by the dread Tadhg experienced during their school days whenever they were asked to ‘continue reading’. Embracing the advantages and disadvantages of dyslexia, in this exhibition Tadhg is offering a visceral understanding of the condition, with thematic pre-programmed rhythms and noise elements, inspired by
their relationship to reading and writing.

Segments of the exhibition delve into the exploration of queer identity, celebrating diversity and individuality. Through aural storytelling and immersive soundscapes, the installation creates a safe space for self- expression and reflection. Drawing on various musical influences and sonic textures, it embraces the multifaceted nature of queer
experiences. Through these thematic explorations, the audience is invited to engage with sound on a deeper level, fostering empathy, understanding, and connection.

Launching on the evening of Thursday 2 May, Continue Reading will feature a ticketed live performance with contemporary dancer Nick Nikolaou on the evening of Friday 3 May, and will close on Saturday 4 May with a ticketed solo audio visual performance by Tadhg. The sound installation will be open to all on the afternoons of Friday 3 and 4 May.

Supported by the Arts Council’s Arts and Disability Connect Scheme, funded by Arts Council Ireland and managed by Arts & Disability Ireland, with support from The Complex and Unit 44.

For more information visit thecomplex.ie, or view more of Tadhg’s work at tadhgkinsella.com.


The Complex provides guests with assisted access, 24 hours notice is appreciated. For wheelchair access, there are two access points of entry to the venue – a flat surface area which is located at the Arran Street East entrance to the Gallery and venue, and a ramp entrance to The Complex’s venue hire and performance space at The Depot, which is located at St Mary’s Abbey. Guide dogs are permitted and welcomed in The Gallery and The Depot. Please inform the Complex Box office team if you will be accompanied by a guide dog.

For additional information or assistance please contact The Complex Front of House Team by emailing simon@thecomplex.ie or calling 01 537 8352.

Images by Ali Horan, Kate Lawlor, Richie Lambe, and Cian Copeland.

Tadhg Kinsella is a classically trained percussionist, live electronics musician, and composer, graduated with a BA in Music Performance Degree (percussion) from the Royal Irish Academy of Music and Trinity College in percussion and music electronics.

They furthered their studies in sound design at Pulse College. Dyslexic and non-binary queer, Tadhg advocates for accessibility and inclusivity in their works/projects, actively participating in the Irish arts and queer scene. In electronics, they have distinguished themselves as a contemporary composer/performer, earning awards for their expertise in hardware and modular synthesis. Tadhg’s compositions have been featured in various international events and festivals. They’ve participated in workshops worldwide and performed in renowned competitions and with orchestras like the RTɁ National Symphony Orchestra. As a chamber musician, Tadhg has travelled globally, winning awards for their performances and composition work. Founder of Dublin Modular which is an artist-run organisation primarily hosting live electronic music compositional workshops and platforms throughout the year in Dublin City. Incorporating an educational/learning platform for experimental and electronic music hardware and software devices. Tadhg leads various workshops throughout the year to make electronic music more accessible and inclusive for all interested. Dublin modular was set up with the idea of creating a space for electronic artistic expression, appreciation and networking for people living in Ireland. The aim of establishing a DIY community like Dublin Modular was to help contribute to the continuous development and growth of art culture in Dublin/Ireland.

Tadhg Kinsella and Nick Nikolaou performing. Tadhg Kinsella's Continue Reading runs at the Complex from 2 to the 4 May. Photo Kate Lawlor.

Tadhg Kinsella's Continue Reading runs at the Complex from 2 to the 4 May. Photo Cian Copeland.

Tadhg Kinsella's Continue Reading runs at the Complex from 2 to the 4 May. Photo Richie Lambe.

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