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An illustration of an old wooden radio, with three speech bubbles rising from the speaker. In each speech bubble is an emoji: the aubergine; the curly poo with a shocked face; a love heart with sparkles.

Something to Say: Three new radio plays by disabled writers

15 - 29 Nov 2021 (Past)

Written by and starring disabled people, and featuring disabled characters, these plays amplify disabled people’s voices, which are seldom heard in radio drama. We hope that your organisation, your members, or anyone else associated with you, will enjoy listening to these plays. To find out more about each of the plays please click here [website]: https://www.boptheatre.co.uk/something-new-to-say/

The Premorial by Jen McGregor

Jammed by Gabriella Sloss

Bronagh & the Bum Goblin by Áine King

The plays are 15 minutes long each

“As development of the play scripts took place throughout 2021, we realised that one of the threads connecting each story was that they were each about characters with hidden disabilities – when the experience of being disabled is not apparent by looking at the person. This felt particularly relevant, because Something to Say was conceived as a development opportunity aiming to give visibility to disabled writers and characters, whose voices are seldom-heard within radio drama.”

How can I listen to the plays?

Working with our broadcast partner, Edinburgh based community radio station EHFM, each of the plays will be available to listen to via their website, from November 15th 2021, as an hour long package.

Something to Say on EHFM Schedule:
Monday 15th November – listen live at 11am
Tuesday 16th November – listen live at 11am
Wednesday 17th November – listen live at 11am
Thursday 18th November – listen live at 11am
Friday 19th November – listen live at 10am

Listen to the hour long package of plays at any time on catch up via the EHFM website from Tuesday 16th November