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Sarah stands looking to the left of the camera, with dark hair in a sleek bob and wearing a long back dress. The background is a white closed window shutter.

Performance: ‘as if […] wearing anklesocks’ by Sarah Hayden at Sirius Arts Centre as part of Buttercup by Sarah Browne

27 Apr 2024, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (Past)

Sirius Arts Centre, The Ballyvoloon, Cobh, Cork

Sarah Hayden performs ‘as if […] wearing anklesocks’ at Sirius Arts Centre to accompany the exhibition Buttercup, by Sarah Browne

Sarah Hayden’s text, titled as if […] wearing anklesocks, is a long-form poem, responding to the film Buttercup by Sarah Browne, invited by the artist. The conversation following the reading will explore what it means to invite a response, the purpose of art writing and the lines between essays and poems.

The printed version of as if […] wearing anklesocks, designed by Rose Nordin, will be available to accompany the exhibition following the event. It will also be accessible online as pdf and audio recording. The production of this text accompanying the exhibition is supported by Kunstverein Aughrim.

To learn more about Sarah Brown and Buttercup, click here.

Schedule of events:
3pm screening of Buttercup, captioned

3:30 reading by Sarah Hayden, captioned

4 – 5pm conversation with artists, live-captioned

Sarah Hayden is a writer and Associate Professor in Literature and Visual Culture at the University of Southampton. Her work explores intersections of voice, text, access and art. Recent publications include an essay on captioning as “unvoiceover” for Angelaki and an essay for Charlie Prodger at secession Vienna (both 2023). She is currently writing a book on voice in art for University of Minnesota Press and collaborating with Liza Sylvestre and Christopher Robert Jones on the Blue Description Project. She has a background in poetry, recently presenting a trio of lecture-poems, Teacher Voice Treatment (in text and audio) on SpamPlaza.

Rose Nordin is an artist and graphic designer. Through her practice and research, Rose is interested in the publication as a site of exchange and collaboration, print technologies as tools for union, and letterforms as modes of magic. As a designer, Rose primarily makes artist books and printed matter. This extends to exhibition and custom type design.

Photo by Brian Mac Domhnaill.

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