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Photo from Wexford Arts Centre, 2012

Panel discussion: Arts and Disability – Extending Access at the Kennedy Summer School 2017

8 Sep 2017 (Past)

The Tholsel New Ross, Wexford

This year the Kennedy Summer School is hosting a special event to commemorate Jean Kennedy Smith’s contribution to Arts and Disability. This panel discussion will deal with the issues surrounding arts access and support for people with disabilities in Ireland and Wexford, what is currently available, and what is needed.

Creating engagement in this area will also be explored, not just as participants and viewers but as practising artists as well.

A panel discussion surrounding arts access and support for people with disabilities in Ireland and Wexford, featuring ADI’s Director Pádraig Naughton, poet, painter, writer and illustrator Thomas Martin, Wexford Arts Centre Director Elizabeth Whyte, and Senator John Dolan.

There will also be a special exhibition from local artists involved with CUMAS in the gallery space at St Michael’s Theatre.

For more information about this year’s Kennedy Summer School, visit http://www.kennedysummerschool.ie/

Pádraig Naughton, Executive Director of Arts & Disability Ireland, speaking at the Creative Connections: Arts and Disability Conversation and Showcase in Town Hall Theatre, January 2016. Photo: Reg Gordon.

The summer school has gone from strength to strength since its foundation in 2012.

David Looby, Irish Independent, June 24 2017

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