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Emma is lit from behind with deep blue light, the darkness covering her face. We can just about make out her short, curly hair and side profile of her face as she stands at an angle. She gracefully has one elbow raised and the other stretched out in front of her.

Opportunity: Emma O’Kane Bursary

29 Nov 2023 - 8 Jan 2024 (Past)

CoisCéim Dance Theatre, 42 Fairview Strand, Clontarf West, Dublin 3, D03 YV62

The Emma O’Kane Bursary is a new award for independent artists who want to think beyond the boundaries of their art form and practice and to explore dance or a physical language in their work.

The Emma O’Kane Bursary dares artists to ‘go big’ and fearlessly venture beyond the norms of what they do, and by embracing dance or a physical language in their work enjoy new confidence, capacity and understanding. It honours the exceptional ethos and artistic practice of artist Emma O’Kane who died in 2021.

Emma O’Kane was an exceptionally gifted artist who moved effortlessly across artforms and media as a performer, a choreographer and a participation project leader. She was passionate, professional and highly articulate about interdisciplinary performance, holding a first-class honours degree in Contemporary Dance Performance (MA) from the University of Limerick.

Emma brought joy to all those with whom she worked.  No matter how difficult or dark the material she could introduce light. A consummate team player, as evidenced by her core contributions to CoisCéim and ANU, she was also fiercely independent. Before her untimely death Emma had embarked on a new phase of discovery and development in her practice, concentrating on self-authored work.

The Emma O’Kane Bursary is open to artists of all types and talents. Each bursary award is tailored to meet the artists needs and includes the following:

  • A six week stipend of €600 per week equating to €3,600
  • A research and materials budget of €500
  • A six week residency in the Atrium at 42 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3
  • Up to five mentorship sessions to be mutually defined and organised by the bursary, equating to a value of €2,500
  • Opportunities to take professional dance class to be mutually defined

Applications are now open until 8 January 2024.  For any questions concerning the application please email emmaokanebursary@gmail.com. You can find out more about Emma and how to apply for this bursary by visiting emmaokanebursary.ie

Image Credit: Ros Kavanagh


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