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Musical Theatre: Shauna Carrick Wants A Dog at Smock Alley Theatre, Audio Described Performance

15 - 18 Sep 2023 (Past)

Smock Alley Theatre

Presented by Dublin Fringe Festival

Written by Shauna Carrick & Conor O’Rourke & Directed by Mollie Molumby

Shauna Carrick Wants A Dog, is a modern musical comedy about life, love, and wanting a dog.

We meet Shauna as she comes to the realization that she is almost thirty and is somehow not the main character in her own life. She sets out on a mission, to become that main character. Using a checklist of Main Character Attributes, she attempts to navigate her 5km world and become her own protagonist. Separated from most of those closest to her and suddenly transported back to living in her childhood bedroom, she makes friends with the local coffee shop/horsebox owner/entrepreneur, tries online dating, breaks out of her bubble, and tries desperately to convince her mum to let her get a dog. Will she overcome her obstacles or will she get stuck in the rock bottom of the hero’s journey? And most importantly, will she ever get a dog

Indulge in this wholesome musical experience, brought to you from the creators of Chromatics (dlr Mill Theatre 2018 / The Other Palace, London 2020), Tír na nÓg (dlr Mill Theatre 2022) and Tiny: Thumbelina Retold (Civic Theatre, Tallaght 2023).

Developed at Scene+Heard. Supported by dlr Mill Theatre, Dundrum and the UCD Ad Astra Academy Performing Arts Alumni Initiative.

Accesible Performance

Audio described performance 8.45pm on Monday 18th September

Other performances run from 15th-17th of September  as part of Dublin Fringe Festival

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