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Music for Children: The Smashing Red Kite’s Blues at Galway Jazz Festival

6 Oct 2019 (Past)

Mick Lally Theatre, Druid Lane, Galway

The Smashing Red Kite’s Blues tells the adventures of a red kite, as he leaves the toy shop for a life outside, and all the harum-scarum jiggery-pokery he encounters on the way.

A charming and highly entertaining show for children, created and performed by Emilie Conway, with Damien Evans (bass) and Johnny Taylor (piano). Based on the story by Galway Jazz Festival co-founder Ann-Lorraine Mack.

Emilie Conway has twice been a recipient of a Training award under the Arts and Disability Connect scheme. In 2018, she received funding to attend the Blas International Summer School of Irish Traditional Music and Dance, and in 2019 she was funded for one-on-one training in Brazilian rhythms with Thomas Duffy, musical director of Maracatu Ilha Brilhante, Ireland’s only all-island percussion group.

Arts and Disability Connect is funded by the Arts Council and managed by Arts & Disability Ireland.

Smashing Red Kite’s Blues was originally commissioned by The Ark in partnership with the IMC as part of their Fun Size Jazz programme in 2018.

Emilie Conway: vocals
Damien Evans: bass
Johnny Taylor: piano

The Smashing Red Kite’s Blues

A combined storytelling/musical performance that uses a children’s story to bring the blues to life for children, this show explores how improvisation can be used to express our emotions through music.

Emilie Conway in The Smashing Red Kite’s Blues


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