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Club Tropicana, Galway

Music: Bounce club night for people with intellectual disabilities at the Róisín Dubh

18 Feb 2019 (Past)

The Róisín Dubh, Galway

Bounce Club Night is a new club night for people with intellectual disabilities.

Bounce‘s aim is to create a fun, safe and accessible space for young adults with intellectual disabilities to socialise, listen to music and dance in a club environment.

All our DJs and VJs with intellectual disabilities are supported by experienced Galway DJs and VJs and play a wide range of music including pop, rock, hip hop and r’n’b.

The first night, which took place in March 2017, was a huge success and received a lot of positive feedback.

For eight years That’s Life have been hosting Club Tropicana in the Black Box and it has always been a sell out event, given the ongoing success of this they decided to create more opportunities for their DJs, VJs and club goers to access club nights more regularly.

The first Bounce night of 2019 takes place on Monday 18th February from 8pm-10.30pm in the Róisín Dubh.

€5 admission charge. Wheelchair accessible. Over 18s.

That’s Life is an arts programme which is part of The Brothers of Charity Services Galway and aims to make the arts more accessible to people with intellectual disabilities.

Their mission is to offer opportunities for people to discover and realise their artistic potential through participation in high quality arts programs and to support the creation of beautiful work that enriches people’s lives and the life of their community.

Ongoing DJ and VJ training is one of the elements That’s Life have developed, as well as Electric Dreams, a six piece indie pop outfit consisting of four people with ID and two professional Galway musicians.

The crowd at Club Tropicana. Photograph by David Ruffles

It was a lot of fun and the music was really good, I had a great time dancing with my friends.

Bounce club-goer

DJ at Club Tropicana, Photograph by David Ruffles


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