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Two people sitting sign by side drawing with pencils and pens and with a tablet and other papers and materials scattered across two paint-stained tables.

Museum: Explore Chester Beatty online

23 Apr - 30 Jun 2020 (Past)


Visit the Chester Beatty Online for a wealth of art, activities and fun things for you and the family.

Why not take a 3D Virtual Tour through Chester Beatty’s virtual museum to visit the Arts of the Book and Sacred Traditions galleries and visit their current temporary exhibition, Siam.

Or browse the Chester Beatty’s wealth of online resources like their Digital Collection, Treasures of the Museum or watch a captioned film about Sir Alfred Chester Beatty and his legacy.

Looking for something to engage your children and support their continued development while school is off? Take a look at the Chester Beatty Learning Resources for Parents and Teachers to find something fun and educational, like their Online Workshops and How to Videos.

Find out more about Cheaster Beatty Online here.


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