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O'Connell Street Lower, May 17th 1916

Liveline 1917 at Crinniú na Cásca

17 Apr 2017 (Past)

Custom House Quay

Hello, good afternoon and you’re very welcome to Easter Monday 1917.

After last year’s Sackville Street Special, Liveline is going back a century once again.

The phone boxes are full; the lines are jammed; and the people of 1917 Ireland are waiting to Talk to Joe. But what’s on their minds?

  • One year on from the Easter Rising, a young lad has climbed up the GPO and raised a tricolor on its roof.
  • We hear from Sackville Street, where police are struggling to cut it down.
  • A riot is breaking out across Dublin’s north inner city.
  • Children are dying from poisoned milk.
  • Morality police are prowling the streets.
  • The U boat campaign is cutting off supplies to Ireland. Food prices soar, soup kitchens are opened, and the people are told to eat less meat.

All that and much more – including vintage ads, descendants’ stories and the music of 1917.

Monday 17th April 2017, 13:30 – 15:00, Custom House Quay

Induction Loops

The live broadcast of Liveline on the stage at Custom House Quay will have an induction loop.

See here for more information.

All the talks taking place at Dublin Castle will also feature an induction loop, view all the talks taking place by going to the link below and clicking the ‘Talk’ tab near the top: https://cruinniu.rte.ie/area/dublin/#area-dublin-castle

The Battle for the South Dublin Union 1916

The Hotel Metropole


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Crinniú na Cásca
Custom House Quay
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