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ISL Deaf Translations Project, a Dublin Fringe Festival Commission

9 - 24 Sep 2023 (Past)

Various Dublin Fringe Festival venues

This year’s Dublin Fringe Festival sees the foundation of an exciting new commission, led by artist and Deaf interpreter Lianne Quigley.

Aiming to bridge the gap between the stage and Deaf audiences, Lianne will lead a specialised team of Deaf and hearing interpreters as they offer an enriched, more inclusive Dublin Fringe for all, through interpreted performances of three productions.

A celebration of Irish Sign Language (ISL) and a vital step towards recognising the cultural heritage of the Irish Deaf Community, this project facilitates and promotes team-interpreting in the theatre context. It goes beyond the familiar model of ‘hearing interpreter signing to Deaf audience’ and brings Deaf culture, creativity and representation to the fore.

This pioneering collaboration between Dublin Fringe Festival and Lianne Quigley marks an important step towards a more accessible and inclusive artistic landscape in Ireland.

Performances are as follows, click on the green links to find out more, or to purchase tickets:

Once in a Lifetime
11 September
21:00, €18/€16
Project Arts Centre – Space Upstairs
Privilege, prejudice and barely concealed resentment are all served up for dinner, with a good dolloping of secrets and lies for dessert.

16 September
13:00, €18/€16
Project Arts Centre – Space Upstairs
A play about horny songbirds, parents, love, legacy, and wanting to change, but not knowing how.

This is You
17 September
18:30, €14/€12
Smock Alley Theatre – Boys’ School
Alice, a struggling actor, is hired by a man to play a role – to live in his house as his estranged daughter, Melissa. As the experiment plays out the balance of power shifts in increasingly explosive ways.

Lianne Quigley and Alvean Jones introduce the ISL Deaf Translations Project

ISL Deaf Translations Project

Deaf interpreters? Yes. Two Deaf interpreters.

Alvean Jones

This is You


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