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A woman and child walk towards the camera through a hayfield.

Film: We All Come From Somewhere

26 Nov - 15 Dec 2021 (Past)

Digital theatre piece We All Come from Somewhere (2021) can be watched for free online now.

Based on interviews with refugees, the piece brings together artists with disabilities from Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic and Greece to address the migrant crisis.

This extraordinary filmed performance tells the story of human migration. A parent and child forced out of their own home. A parent trying to explain why. Created by Nazareno Cooperative (Italy), KCAT Arts Centre (Ireland), Studio Citadela (Czech Rep) and THEAMA – Inclusive Theatre for the Disabled (Greece) – this one of a kind collaboration was born from a theatrical work by artists with disabilities that addressed the current migrant crisis and was written from interviews with refugees in Italy, Greece, Czech Rep. and Ireland. The play received its world premiére in Prague in Jan 2020 – when the Covid crisis hit the project was forced to pivot.

These 4 organisations have come together to create a play aimed at children, young people and the elderly drawing from each country’s experience and attitudes around their refugees and migrant population. The Creative Europe POWER project addresses a major global picture examining difference and prejudice through the lens of people who themselves are often ignored and marginalised.

Click here to watch the film on-demand now:

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