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Film: The Dead Don’t Die in the Irish Film Institute (Captioned Screenings)

12 - 18 Jul 2019 (Past)

Irish Film Institute

The zombie apocalypse comes to small-town America in Jim Jarmusch’s typically droll comedy, for which he has assembled a cast to die for.

Laconic police officers Ronnie (Adam Driver), Cliff (Bill Murray) and Mindy (Chloë Sevigny) patrol the sleepy streets of Centerville, where criminal activity amounts to Hermit Bob (Tom Waits) stealing Farmer Miller’s (Steve Buscemi) chickens. Bad times are ahead however, as polar fracking has tilted the earth’s axis, precipitating all manner of macabre and uncanny phenomena, the reanimation of the dead as flesh-eating ghouls being the most alarming.

Jarmusch’s self-aware script playfully references the tropes of zombie mythology laid down by George A. Romero’s influential trilogy, and his wry film is similarly laced with barbed political commentary.

Open Captioned screenings: Friday 12th July at 4pm and Thursday 18th July at 6.15pm.
See www.ifi.ie for details of Audio Described screenings.

Trailer for Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die.

Iggy Pop stars in Jim Jarmusch's The Dead Don't Die (2019).

Three bespectacled police officers (Bill Murray, Adam Driver and Chloë Sevigny), and a strange Scottish morgue expert (Tilda Swinton) must band together to defeat the undead.

Tom Waits as Hermit Bob in writer/director Jim Jarmusch's THE DEAD DON'T DIE.


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