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Film: IFI Player, a virtual viewing room

23 Apr - 30 Jun 2020 (Past)


Did you know that the IFI player is a virtual viewing from for remarkable collections?

The IFI Irish Film Archive acquires, preserves and makes available Ireland’s moving image heritage, working to ensure that Ireland’s rich and varied film history, both amateur and professional, is protected and accessible for the benefit of current and future generations. Film reels, digital materials and document collections are held in custom-built, climate-controlled vaults designed for the long- term storage of archival materials.

The material on the IFI Player has been selected to give audiences a taste of the breadth and depth of the collections preserved by the Archive. Home movies, newsreels, travelogues, animations, feature films, public information films and documentaries have been included as we have tried to reflect all aspects of indigenous amateur and professional production.

As a nation of storytellers, the IFI Player and its suite of apps allows IFI to keep the heritage material of the IFI Irish Film Archive relevant to today’s viewing consumption habits and helps bring Irish culture and social history to audiences globally – both diaspora and new friends of Ireland alike. Working with Axonista on the IFI Player applications allows the Irish Film Institute to address the rapidly changing digital landscape for this cultural institution and allow for the integration of future technological developments.

Excavate the Archive and Collection today here.


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