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GAZE LGBT Film Festival

Film: GAZE International LGBT Film Festival Dublin (Subtitled Screenings and Disability-related films)

3 - 6 Aug 2018 (Past)

Lighthouse Cinema

GAZE International LGBT Film Festival celebrates LGBT storytelling from Ireland and abroad.

This year’s festival takes place 2nd-6th August, 2018 at Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin, and features a number subtitled screenings and disability-related films.

Disability-related Films:

Love, Scott
Following the journey of a young gay musician who is attacked and paralyzed from the waist down, Love, Scott is an intimate and visually evocative window into the queer experience. Not only does it beautifully capture a complex character for the screen; it is a highly creative and original rendering of the observational documentary form, which was filmed over three years following the incident.

Closing Night Gala and Screening: Monday 6th August – Gala – 7:00pm / Screening – 8:00pm
Booking Link: gaze.ie/love-scott

Iris Prize – Picture This
This collection of shorts celebrates the under-represented on screen.  In Picture This, we meet Andrew Gurza, a self-described ‘queer cripple’ who has made it his mission to make sex and disability part of the public discourse. Andrew embraces his role as a poster boy for the cause with an honesty that is, in itself, a kind of striptease.

Screening: Sunday 5th August – 2.00pm
Booking Link: gaze.ie/iris-prize-2018

After a series of humiliations, a young disabled man at the centre of Pulse decides to transition, but not in the manner you would expect.

Screening: Friday 3rd August – 10.45pm
Booking Link: gaze.ie/pulse

Subtitled Screenings:

When Leon joins Mario’s football club, an immediate tension brews between them; both players are talented, driven and dedicated to their sport. When the pair are moved into a flat with one another, the competitive tension turns sexual. As their romance intensifies, and rumours of their relationship begin to circulate, the boys are forced to make a choice; their careers, or each other.

Subtitled Screening: Friday 3rd August – 8.15pm
Booking Link: gaze.ie/mario

The Heiresses
Chela and Chiquita, both descended from elite Paraguayan families, have been together for over 30 years. Encountering unforeseen financial difficulties, their debts lead to Chiquita to be imprisoned on fraud charges, forcing the habitually passive Chela to face a new reality. Channelling her unexpected new independence, Chela begins driving for the first time in years, providing a local taxi service to a group of wealthy elderly ladies. Settling into her new life, she encounters the younger Angy – forging a fresh new connection and embarking on her own intimate revolution.

Subtitled Screening: Saturday 4th August – 6:00pm
Booking Link: gaze.ie/the-heiresses

Hard Paint
Moody and withdrawn loner Pedro scrapes together a living as webcam performer NeonBoy, and the erotic displays of his naked body smeared with neon paint have attracted a devoted following online. This expression and exposure is in direct opposition to his alienation from the real world. When he discovers another male performer, Leon, has copied his act, it prompts a radical change to Pedro’s performance and life.

Subtitled Screening: Saturday 4th August – 8.15pm
Booking Link: gaze.ie/hard-paint

Tranny Fag
Tranny Fag is a feature-length documentary picturing transgender Brazilian singer Linn da Quebrada. Born and bred in the favelas of São Paulo, she has faced livelong prejudices, based upon her gender identity, race and social class. Channelling her strong and daring on-stage presence, she seeks to fight gender paradigms and stereotypes, using her music as a striking force against toxic masculinity and the patriarchy.

Subtitled Screening: Saturday 4th August – 10.30pm
Booking Link: gaze.ie/tranny-fag

Reinventing Marvin

Martin Clement, born Marvin Bijou, is a free man. He has escaped a small-minded village in the French countryside, and liberated himself from the intolerance, rejection and the bullying he suffered from being singled out as different.  Marvin/Martin turns to allies, including Isabella Huppert as herself, to create a show that represents so much more than success – a valiant display of catharsis and his path towards re-invention.

Subtitled Screening: Saturday 4th August – 10.30pm
Booking Link: gaze.ie/reinventing-marvin

Tropical Malady
GAZE presents a screening of Thai auteur Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s 2004 Cannes Jury Prize Winner Tropical Malady. You know when two people circle around each other, desperate to get closer but unsure of how to go about it? In this extraordinary film, that familiar feeling is given a gigantic twist.

Subtitled Screening: Monday 6th August – 3:00pm
Booking Link: gaze.ie/film-qlub-2018

Tom boy Mati and her exclusively male gang of friends spend their days loitering, riding dirt bikes, and generally terrorising the inhabitants of their small Austrian village. When Sebastian, the leader of the pack, falls in love with Mati and she rebukes his advances, she runs the risk of losing her place with the boys. Simultaneously Mati meets Carla and begins to secretly explore her sexuality, causing her world to become unstable.

Subtitled Screening: Sunday 5th August – 8.30pm
Booking Link: www.gaze.ie/lanimale


GAZE International LGBT Film Festival
Lighthouse Cinema
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