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Film: Don’t Look Now in the Irish Film Institute (Captioned Screenings)

9 - 10 Jul 2019 (Past)

Irish Film Institute

Roeg’s dark masterpiece concerns a young couple taking time out in Venice while they attempt to come to terms with the death of their daughter.

A ghost story that’s rooted in realism, a psychological thriller informed by supernatural elements, Don’t Look Now is a difficult film to categorise and an impossible one to forget.

The haunting sex scenes between Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland are remarkable for their tenderness and the raw emotion in the context of the painful place the pair are in. Film folklore would insist that these scenes were un-simulated, though both actors have denied they were doing anything other than acting.

Open Captioned screenings: Tuesday 9th July at 1.10pm and Wednesday 10th July at 6.15pm.
See www.ifi.ie for details of Audio Described screenings


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Don't Look Now
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