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Image from Fancy Dress and Remote from Croí Glan

Dance: Fancy Dress / Remote by Croí Glan at Cork Midsummmer Festival

17 Jun 2016 (Past)

Firkin Crane, Cork

Fancy Dress and Remote, a double bill from Croí Glan premiere at Firkin Crane for Cork Midsummer Festival

Premiering in association with their long-term partners Firkin Crane to mark their 10th anniversary, Croí Glan have invited back their two favourite, most performed choreographers David Bolger (On the Wall 2009) and Jess Curtis (Asymmetrical Tendencies 2007) to create a dazzling new double bill for Cork Midsummer Festival.

Fancy Dress by David Bolger invites you to dance like no-one is watching in a short and snappy trio of funky moves, a kicking soundtrack and a few fancy dress tips. In Remote, Jess Curtis evokes his familiar post-modern style to create a duet exploring the body in our evolving digital culture.

Friday 17th June at 7pm
Firkin Crane, Cork
Tickets: €12/€10

Croí Glan’s 10th Anniversary Trailer

Fancy Dress / Remote Double Bill from Croi Glan at Cork Midsummer Festival 2016

Mobilised or frozen… alone at home in front of our screens do we transcend or are we trapped in our bodies?

- Remote

Tara Brandel and Linda Fearon in rehearsal for Remote at Uillinn Centre


Cork Midsummer Festival
Croi Glan
Firkin Crane
Integrated Dance