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A group of artists taking in nature. Tall trees tower up towards the sky, while a group of artists lie on the forest floor, looking up at the blue sky, taking in the sights.

Artist Christine Prescott worked with the Carrowbeg Artists Group, a group of artists with intellectual disabilities who have been creating for 13 years under the guidance of Caroline Masterson, Breda Burns and Grainne O’Reilly, at Custom House Studios. Christine engaged with the group creating art within nature.

This collaboration was over 12 weeks September to November 2023. The artist and participants worked together using a combination of Eco-Art and Forest Bathing methods, engaging in a highly sensory and process orientated practice. Christine introduced the group to the possibility of materials and processes found in nature.

Beginning with a nature immersion activity designed to open sensory awareness to their surroundings. The artists had  opportunity to express their personal aesthetic by exploring ways they can use the nature around them to perform actions to make patterns, prints, sounds or sculptural forms. Participants used themes of colour, touch, pattern and shape to create movement, sound, visual contrast, smell, mood, ambience, orientation, gravity, and balance.

Custom House Studios + Gallery are pleased to present an exhibition So Nice Day by the Carrowbeg Artists Group. The exhibition is open every day  from Thursday 11 January until Monday 5 February  2024. 

Participating artists;  Ellen Cafferkey,  Una Kearns, Trish Kelly, Anna Rose Lowry, Gerry O’Malley, Sarah Kelly and Máire Maguire.

For more information on the exhibition, visit customhousestudios.ie

This project was supported by MSLETB and Mayo County Council Arts office Upstart Programme. Image by Christine Prescott.

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