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Music, Drama and Film: In Flow, plus support acts Silent Moves and Look at me Now at Ennis Street Arts Festival

6 Jul 2016 (Past)

Dánlann an Chláir, Coláiste Muire - College Road, Ennis

An evening of music, drama and film showcasing some of the best Irish productions within the arts and disability sector.

In Flow

Composed and performed by That’s Life Players in collaboration with Andrew Madec, brings an unique soundscape of electronically processed gamelan percussion and live ensemble performance, with beautifully crafted bronze percussion instruments from Java, Indonesia, comprising songs, metallophones, drums and kettle drums. ‘In Flow’ will create a beautiful, atmospheric and textured work that will surprise, enchant and move the audience.

Silent Moves

‘Silent Moves’, a film by Aideen Barry, Western Care’s Ridgepool Training Centre and Scannán Technologies. Introduced by actress Karen McDonnell. It is a simple story told in the way of old silent films. It explores the very real challenges faced by people with disabilities in our society. ‘Silent Moves’ challenges our ideas and assumptions about other people and what they are able to do creatively and artistically. This screening of Silent Moves is supported by The Artist Resource Room.

Look at me Now

‘Look at Me Now’ (a work in progress) by Full Fathom Theatre Ensemble, directed by Marie McNamara and Shadow Work by Ana Colomer. A defiantly joyous and honest piece of ensemble theatre, created through the collection of stories of lives fully lived, which will leave you feeling uplifted and with a new perception of what it is to be human…


6th July 2016, 7pm to 8pm

Dánlann an Chláir, Coláiste Muire, College Road, Ennis

Tickets € 10.00

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Andrew Madec of That’s Life explains what to expect from In Flow

‘Look at Me Now’ (a work in progress) by Full Fathom Theatre Ensemble

Perhaps, these very simple cinematic narratives within the piece will disarm what are quite serious conversations around human rights

Aideen Barry, 'An Upset Apple Cart', 2014

In Flow Rehearsal, 6th June, 2016

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