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A person floating in space. An artist with long dark curly hair floats sideways in a space suit.

Dublin Dance Festival: Cometa at the Ark

16 - 19 May 2024 (Past)

The Ark, 11A Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

The Ark and Dublin Dance Festival present a joyful and captivating cosmic adventure for children by Roser López Espinosa.

In this enchanting and interactive dance show, an unexpected visitor travels across the galaxy like a comet and touches down on stage. Helmet in hand and brimming with curiosity, this whimsical space traveller invites us to embark on a galactic adventure and see the world around us with fresh eyes.

With boundless playfulness and a sense of wonder, we will set out on an interstellar voyage that explores the mysteries of the universe. Unleashing our imaginations along the way, we will marvel at the force of gravity, and discover the possibilities of movement, the power of empathy and the incredible speed of light.

But most of all we will celebrate meeting each other. So, come one, come all, and let us revel in the magic of Cometa, where the stars align to create an unforgettable experience of joy, connection, and shared adventure.

Relaxed Performances

There will be relaxed performances of Cometa on Friday 17 May at 12.15pm and Saturday 18 May at 11am. Relaxed performances are aimed at families or school groups with children who are on the autism spectrum or those who have sensory sensitivities and will be tailored for the comfort of your child. The sound will be at a lower volume and the lights will be dimmed rather than completely dark. We will warn you of any loud noises and we will have a special chill-out area where your child can relax.

A relaxed performance information pack, with photographs and a synopsis of the show which may assist your child to prepare for the performance, will be available the week before the show. For further information please call The Ark on (01) 670 7788 or email boxoffice@ark.ie.

Audio Description and Touch Tour

The performance on Sunday 19 May at 2pm will be audio-described by Bríd Ní Ghruagáin, with a touch-tour available before the show at 1.15pm. To register for audio description or the touch tour, please email boxoffice@ark.ie after you have booked your tickets for the show.

Cometa runs at the Ark from 16 to 19 May. Photography by Şafak Velioğlu.

Cometa runs at the Ark from 16 to 19 May. Photography by Şafak Velioğlu.

Cometa runs at the Ark from 16 to 19 May. Photography by Şafak Velioğlu.


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