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Visual Art: Drag & Draw life-drawing session

20 Nov 2019 (Past)

Street 66, 33-34 Parliament St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Drag & draw is back for another drawing session on Wednesday 20th November from 7pm in Street 66 Dublin.

Half art class, half drag show, Drag & Draw is a life-drawing session with a drag queen model. The class is made up of various different drawing exercises, some of which incorporate lip-syncs and audience interaction.

This is an informal event, very suitable for life-drawing beginners (so you can ignore RuPaul’s advice, and feel free to mess it up!). It will also challenge experienced artists. A drag queen is not your typical life drawing model – think more sass! Expect alternative drawing exercises, drinkies, music, Q&A, performances and good vibes all around.

Taking the stage as a Drag & Draw model for the first time will be the amaze and fragrant Viola Gayvis (Dublins answer to Viola Davis without the steep price tag or the Oscar… yet)!
And leading the class, also for the first time, will be artist, teacher… and medical student, the mega talented Lottie Wilson.

Be gentle with them both!

Tickets are €12.50 each plus a booking fee. Booking required.

Irish Sign Language interpreters are available for this class. For more information, please email draganddrawdublin@gmail.com.

Drag & Draw is organised and managed by Adrian Colwell.


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