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Two photos side by side of Bríd and Padraig. Bríd is a close up photo, with pale skin and dark curly hair, smiling into the camera. Pádraig stands on stage at a conference, he wears a light shirt and tie and has short dark hair.

Discussion: Pádraig Naughton and Bríd Ní Ghruagáin on Audio Description with Art Spark Texas

25 Apr 2024, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (Past)


Join Art Spark Texas for a lively conversation about audio description and what a describer should understand in order to write high-quality engaging description.

Audio description is the verbal translation of visual information for people who are blind, have a visual impairment, or have low vision. This can take many forms, as you consider the diverse needs and interests of people with and without vision. Art Spark Texas considers all of these variabilities when developing and providing audio description services and training. Since 1996, Art Spark Texas has provided audio description services for a wide variety of cultural events and organizations, including: live performances, educational and independent films, museum exhibits, and other events as requested.

Pádraig Naughton became Executive Director of Arts & Disability Ireland in 2005. Working strategically in partnership with the arts sector ADI champions the creativity of artists with disabilities and promotes inclusive experiences for audiences with disabilities. In 2022 Pádraig graduated with an LLM in International & Comparative Disability Law & Policy from the University of Galway, also that same year The Kennedy Center, Washington D.C., recognized his lifetime achievement with an Excellence in Accessibility Leadership Award.

Bríd Ní Ghruagáin is a qualified audio describer working in theatre, opera, dance, visual arts, film, TV, and even stand-up comedy since earning a place on the Arts Council-funded training with VocalEyes (UK) and Arts & Disability Ireland in 2009. As the only qualified audio describer who is also a fluent Irish speaker, Bríd has also described most of the Ciné4 feature films, including the Oscar-longlisted Arracht, and, most recently, provided English and Irish description tracks for Kneecap, which won the Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

To learn more about Art Spark Texas visit their website. To register for the event, visit here.

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