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Theatre: Dear Ireland III (with ISL interpreted performances)

17 Dec 2020 - 9 Mar 2021 (Past)

Abbey Theatre

Dear Ireland from the Abbey Theatre will continue with a series of three minute postcards from underrepresented voices in Irish society.

Featuring a number of the Abbey’s previous 5×5 partners, along with pieces from other collaborators the Abbey has been forging relationships with, some of whom have been the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will feature performances from Run of the Mill Theatre, Shadowbox and White Cane Audio.

Working with groups who are disenfranchised and marginalised, the Abbey Theatre asked them ‘What does it feel like to be you, right now, in Ireland?’

Dear Ireland III provides an opportunity to develop theatre that needs a national voice.

In these profoundly unsettling times for Irish society and the entire world, this evening of songs, stories and poems will try to make sense of the world around us.

An ISL interpreted version will be available.


Abbey Theatre
Dear Ireland
ISL interpreted performance
Run of the Mill Theatre
White Cane Audio