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Nadenh Poan, a Cambodian male wheelchair dancer frozen in a gravity-defying headstand. A haze of golden light spills around him as he throws his left arm forward to the camera, balancing only on the side of his head and right arm, his lightweight black manual chair lifted above him. He wears a light gold satin corset with braces that he stretches and extends away from him, wrapping one around his extended left arm. Photography by Chris Parkes.

Dance: Lived Fiction by Stopgap Dance at the Project Arts Centre 11 and 12 April

11 - 12 Apr 2024, 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm (Past)

Project Arts Centre, 39 Essex St East, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Lived Fiction is the manifestation of Stopgap’s twenty-year history, a timely intervention that can shape the future of contemporary dance.

The sensual choreography of Lived Fiction is rendered anew with evocative audio description, exquisite projection art and captioning. The internationally revered company invites you to experience dance from multiple perspectives and share in a future that is rich with the enterprise, potential, and power of diversity. Expect masterful performances from creatives who are Deaf, Disabled, neurodivergent and non-disabled in the dance work that is deep with compassion for the human condition.

Stopgap have been the exemplar of diversity and inclusion on stage for two decades, but a global leader of inclusive dance has to do more than showcase Disabled talent. Stopgap aim to make dance accessible to the widest possible range of audiences, and want the performers and the audience to gain a shared-experience of an inclusive world and revel in the joy of different people cohabiting the theatre space.

Lived Fiction aims to do this through intertwining audio description, captioning and projection art with world-class choreography, within the context of a relaxed performance. Click this link here to learn more about Stopgap’s creative access.

Lived Fiction has been developed as part of the project Protecting the Right to Culture of Persons with Disabilities and Enhancing Cultural Diversity through European Union Law: Exploring New Paths DANCING, a five year European Research Council funded interdisciplinary project at Maynooth University. Led by Professor of Law Delia Ferri, DANCING explores how EU law can promote cultural participation for people with disabilities.

The Project Arts Centre are partnering with Arts & Disability Ireland to support access, transport, and other costs for Arts & Disability groups to engage with performers and performances of Lived Fiction by Stopgap Dance Theatre.

To book your place on the pre-show familiarisation / Touch Tour, contact cathy@projectartscentre.ie or phone Box Office at +353 1 881 9613. For more info and booking, visit projectartscentre.ie.

Photography by Chris Parkes, courtesy of Stopgap Dance.

A blur of action around Nadenh as he lays on his back and floats his arms, lower body and manual wheelchair off of the floor. Other dancers echo his shape, the long exposure of the shot creating blurs as they move. Photography by Chris Parkes.

Lived Fiction by Stopgap Dance runs at the Project Arts Centre from 11 to 12 April. Image by Chris Parkes.

Dancers Emily and Nadenh during a duet. Emily, a non-disabled east asian woman lays on her back and calmly embraces Nadenh, a wheelchair dancer, lifting him and supporting his back as he balances in a headstand. Photography by Chris Parkes.

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