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Dance: Digital Dances by CoisCéim

16 Mar - 30 Jun 2020 (Past)


CoisCéim has announced Digital Dances, an online curated programme, from performances and participation projects to online classes.

They invite us all to dance together to keep our spirits up, stay in shape and reflect on the positive change our strange new world may bring.

Highlights include Broadreach Creative Steps, a selection of short films from their archive, two Choreography Projects led by David Bolger and Philippa Donnellan and Digital Dance Classes every Wednesday at 2pm for people aged 50+.

You can find listings of upcoming free events and projects here.
New details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Categories: Audiences

Tags: Broadreach Creative Steps, CoisCéim, Dance, Digital Dance Classes, Digital Dances, The Choreography Project

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