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Seven people of different ages stand on a darkened stage, all facing forward wearing different shades of white and beige.

Dance: CAN DO Warmup with KCAT Equinox Theatre at Carlow Arts Festival

7 Jun 2024, 11:00 am (Past)

Barry Hall, Carlow College, Carlow

Come join Equinox Theatre Company and dance artist Cindy Cummings for a workshop like no other. Stretch out the week and loosen up for the weekend of fun ahead with Equinox’s all-inclusive warm-up.

This event welcomes all ages and abilities.

Equinox Theatre Company are an ensemble-based theatre company dedicated to the creation, development, production and touring of new inclusive theatre work.

Equinox was founded in 2008 by eight graduates of KCAT’s theatre course who wanted to create opportunities for themselves as professional artists.

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