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Age & Opportunity’s Creative Exchanges programme

22 Sep 2016 (Past)

Creative Exchanges is a course for anyone leading creative activities with older people in care settings. Participants develop the skills needed to plan and facilitate arts activities for older people in either residential or day care settings. The course brings together practitioners from different arts disciplines and others with related expertise to discuss different approaches and to lead participants in arts activity.

Creative Exchanges programme has won the Allianz Community Prize at Allianz Business to Arts Awards 2014.

Creative Exchanges can provide:

  • An understanding of the value of creative activity, particularly in a care setting
  • Practical skills to carry out creative activities with people in residential and day care settings
  • Experience of taking part in arts based workshops
  • QQI accreditation

Age & Opportunity’s Creative Exchanges programme is fully validated by QQI under the new Common Awards System at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

The course is delivered during seven full days over a three month period and leads to a component award in Arts and the Community 6N3585. A significant amount of self-directed study and personal project work is required in order to successfully complete the course.

What the course covers:

Creative Exchanges covers topics such as:

  • Working creatively with people who have dementia
  • Planning activity work
  • Exploring music-based activities
  • Delivering drama-related activity
  • Working with the visual arts
  • The course appeals to activities coordinators, to those working in a residential or day care setting or to artists interested in engaging with older people in a care setting.

Applicants should have:

  • An interest in arts and creativity
  • Willingness and an interest in doing creative activities with older people
  • Availability and commitment to attend 7 full days training and a significant amount of self directed study and project work.
  • A learner seeking entry to a programme leading to a level 6 award does not need a previous formal
    qualification. Learners may have achieved certification at level 5 (e.g. a FETAC level 5 certificate,
    component certificate or a significant range of subjects within the leaving certificate) or equivalent life/work experience.
  • In order to complete the course it will be necessary to carry out a project with a group of older people in a day care or residential setting

Find out more about Creative Exchanges by contacting us on 01 805 7709 or emailing education@ageandopportunity.ie.

Using the Arts to Transform the Experience of Residents and Staff in Care Centres for Older People

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