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Film: Captain Fantastic at the Irish Film Institute (Captioned)

12 Sep 2016 (Past)

Irish Film Institute

  • Open Captioning

Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen) and his wife have raised their six children in a self-sufficient environment almost completely cut off from the larger world.

When she commits suicide, the children are determined to attend their mother’s funeral in New Mexico despite their father’s reluctance to engage with social norms, or the father-in-law (Frank Langella) who despises him. As the children are both fascinated and repelled by what they see and who they encounter on the journey, they begin to realise how different they are from their peers, and Ben’s parenting choices are questioned.

These are Open Captioned (OC) screenings that, whilst open to all, feature special captions for those with hearing impairments. Audio Description (AD) is not available on this title.

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Captain Fantastic Trailer

Still image from Captain Fantastic

What we’ve created here may be unique in all of human existence. We’ve created a paradise.

Still image from Captain Fantastic

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