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Banner image with 'Arts and Disability Connect' logo in purple and orange in the top left hand corner with text below reading ‘a scheme for artists with disabilities’. This text on the left hand side is against a beige background. On the right hand side of the image is a section with colourful geometric patterns on a purple background.

Book Applicant Support for Arts and Disability Connect

14 Apr - 13 May 2022 (Past)

Artists and people supporting them to apply for Arts and Disability Connect funding can book in applicant support up until Thursday 12 May.

This is for up to 30 minutes of support either on the phone, Zoom or by email.

During this time we can review a draft application, answer any queries and give feedback.

Click on the links below to book applicant support

Tuesday 3 May and Wednesday 4 May 2022

Monday 9 May, Tuesday 10 May and Wednesday 11 May 2022

If you have access requirements to participate, please email connect@adiarts.ie in advance of your meeting.

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