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Exterior of the Model, Sligo

Arts and Health: Check Up, Check In Networking Event

5 May 2017 (Past)

The Model, Sligo

Arts and Health Check Up, Check In is an annual networking event for arts and healthcare practitioners and artists who work in healthcare settings.

This unique arts and health get-together is brought to you by artsandhealth.ie, Create and Arts Initiative in Mental Health, Sligo.

The event will promote solidarity among arts and health practitioners, enable networking and peer support amongst practitioners, inspire practitioners to develop their practice and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

With this in mind, the keynote speech curated by Create will take the form of a conversation between Patrick Fox of Heart of Glass UK and Mark Storor, an acclaimed and award-winning artist, who works in the space between live art and theatre.
There will be a series of paired presentations exploring the nature of collaborative working between artists and healthcare professionals.

Highlighting the issues and hot topics from the morning’s talks, attendees will have an opportunity to meet their peers in facilitated discussion groups. The artist Naomi Draper will employ various creative devices to allow entry points into conversations that invite participants to listen, share and exchange with one another.

Arts and Health Check Up, Check In is funded by the Arts Council, Sligo Arts Service and HSE North West.

Full programme details to follow.
Admission is €20 per person including lunch.
For further information, contact Claire Meaney, Acting Arts Director, WHAT at claireA.meaney@hse.ie or phone 051 842664.
See www.artsandhealth.ie for further updates.

Watch: the inaugural Arts and Health Check Up, Check In which took place in January 2016.

Arts and Health Check Up, Check In 2016.

It feels like we’re breaking away from the traditional idea of arts and health– less focused on clinical settings, illness and disease and happy-clappy evangelism- and more intellectually, viscerally and practically engaged in the inequalities agenda.

Arts and Health Check Up, Check In 2016. Photo credit: Joseph Carr.

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