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Arts and Disability Connect scheme Round One 2024 Come Ask Questions

9 Apr 2024, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Past)


Join the ADI team online on Zoom and ask any questions you have about making an application to the Arts and Disability Connect scheme.

For one hour we’ll chat about your application ideas and answer questions you have about the Training award, the Mentoring award, the Research and Reflection award and the New Work award. To find out more about the Arts and Disability Connect scheme and download guidelines and applications please click here.

The Arts and Disability Connect information sessions are for artists with disabilities who are applying for funding and for people who are supporting them to apply.

Speech to text will be provided by MyClearText. ISL will be provided by Bridge Interpreting.

To attend the ‘Come Ask Questions’ Zoom session you must book here.

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Arts and Disability Connect 2024
Come and Ask Questions 2024
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